Find out about our sports and cultural offers in Suesca and other nearby towns like

Nemocón, Sutatausa, Guatavita, Macheta, Sesquilé.

As you can see, a region full of magical places and new experiences waiting to be made.

Climb With Us


We can guide you to your best experience in recreational sport climbing in the Rock Climbing Park <<Rocas de Suesca>>


Biking Around

Know all the routes and special places around Suesca by renting a bike at

El Nómada or by joining one of our guided tours...

Learn To Climb With Us


If you want to learn how to climb by yourself with all techniques and security required, ask for our climbing courses for sport and/or Traditional climbing. 

Book with us and take advantage of these great courses  we offer that will get you ready for any outdoor climbing adventure....


Funny Via Ferrata

Do you want to feel as if you'd be  flying over the mountains of Suesca?

Ask us for more details on the Via Ferrata package.
Also perfect for a fun-day-out with your whole family who is searching for easy climbing and hiking experiences, also with their little ones....



Surprise your partner with the best adventure and romatic plan.

Climb a big wall followed by a surprise picnic on the top of the mountain to celebrate your achievement ...


PRO-Climb Macheta

Macheta is the new climbing paradise for sport and trad climbing.

A big bolted roof in old macheta or high techniques of trad climbing in <<El Salón De La Justicia>> await for you, ask for our rock trips to macheta... 

Take a Hot Spring Bath


Take a rest in a very beautiful place in middle of the mountains.
Renew your energy and take a break so you can start fresh and continue your adventure...


Trekking El Dorado

Do you know the real history about <<EL DORADO LEGEND>>?

During a hike with amazing surroundings, you have the possibility to get to know the old stories about the sacred Guatavita lagoon, told by an native guide..



El Nómada is a cozy Camp & Hostel nestled beneath the main colombian climbing park "Suesca", within a short 200 meters walking distance to all 600 climbing routes.. 


Nemocón Salt Mine

El Nómada is a cozy Camp & Hostel nestled beneath the main colombian climbing park "Suesca", within a short [200m] walking distance to all 600 climbing

Trekking Around


El Nómada is a cozy Camp & Hostel nestled beneath the main colombian climbing park "Suesca", within a short [200m] walking distance to all 600 climbing


Sutatausa Bouldering 

Maybe the best boulder climbing park in Colombia with very creative, dapper lines, very technical and precisional  moves to make... 

More that 1000 boulder problems in different scenarys to solve. Located close to the river, into the forest, in the cave, under the roof, with cracks , an infinite universe for bouldering practice... 

PRO-DownHill & Enduro


Close to El Nómada exist a pro-bike park for XC / Enduro & Downhill practice, almost 20 different and exiting routes are waiting for real biking enthusiasts to discover...


SailBoat Ride

Take a sailboat ride and relax watching the landscapes in the Tomine reservoir



Places where the activities are developed around Suesca



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If you have questions concerning Suesca, the hostel or any of our trekking, biking and climbing trips, don't hesitate to ask and just let us know. We’ll do our best to help you get going and to find your way around Suesca and the Climbing Park 'Rocas de Suesca'.

We recommend to make your reservations in advance.

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