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The Nomad is installed in a restored country house, surrounded by almost 1000m2 of green area where we have our training gym for climbers, the parking spots, the camping area, slackline area and space to socialize outside as well as inside the house to chill, relax and enjoy your time at the hostel. 


Vereda Cacicazgo, Finca Botero, Entrada a las rocas, Suesca, Cundinamarca, Colombia



When you are travelling by bus from Bogota, you will need to go to ‘Terminal Norte’, to catch the bus which says “Suesca”.

(Price: $9.000 )
The hostel is located about 2km before Suesca downtown. You will need to ask the busdriver to stop right before the railway crossing. -You can keep your eyes open for  a few small shops before the railway.

Then just follow the railway for about 20m.You will already see on the right side behind a small grass field a gate painted all in white.

You can also see the sign “El Nómada Hostal”  

You will need to take the "Autopista Norte" (Nr.55) driving to the north, always staying on the "autopsista".  After about 50 minutes (without traffic) you will also see a big sign on the motorway saying " Rocas de Suesca" you need to exit here. The area where you exit is also called "La Playa". Follow the signs saying "Suesca".

After approximately 5 minutes you will come to the area with the railways. The railways will be about 20 meters after a sharp turn.


You are to far if you cross the railway. Take the street on the right exactly in the turn. Then the next left and follow the fence. You will stand exactly in front of the white gate saying "El Nómada".

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